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Over the years, the scientific research and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has exploded! There are now countless books, websites and other resources available to those interested in learning about MS and related symptoms. Along with having this factual information at our fingertips, there are unfortunately many books, websites and blogs that offer quick fixes, promises of cures and a wealth of misinformation. This misinformation is often not grounded scientifically, and could cause harm to those living with MS. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between fact and fiction. 

Your MS Compass is dedicated to providing the scientific, accurate and up to date information you need to understand MS, associated symptoms and how to approach life with MS. Our team will do the sifting through the available science, research, and anecdotal reports for you to offer insights on many topics related to MS. In addition, we provide scientifically supportive references to guide those who want to learn beyond the basics.

The goal here is for YOU to have the knowledge needed to communicate with your MS Specialist and other health care providers, and to ultimately make the best decisions for management of your MS, your symptoms and your life.

Take time now to explore the website and return frequently for updates and new information as we continue to grow your resources. We are just getting started and will be adding new informational articles often. Reach out to us with questions and share your stories of success in managing your life with MS and MS symptoms! 


We offer accurate and up to date information. These are the primary resources used by health care professionals to guide treatment decisions.


We investigate and offer the science (or lack of science) behind these reports. They are often individual observations about treating MS or symptoms and may or may not supported by scientific research.


We offer education based on science to grow your knowledge and expertise in MS including lifestyle behaviors that may impact the disease and symptoms. 


Our medical advisory board is expanding to offer you expert information on a variety of topics related to MS.


We offer scientific facts on MS topics to assist you in becoming informed (knowledgeable) for making medical decisions with your MS Specialist.


We provide inspirational stories shared by people diagnosed with MS who learned the facts to make informed decisions about treatment and lifestyle changes.