Your MS Compass is a nonprofit 501(c)3 resource center dedicated to providing up to date, accurate and science-based information on topics related to achieving success in managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  The organization was originally established in 2005 as the Multiple Sclerosis Center of South Texas (MSCST).  This was a joint venture between Suzanne Gazda, MD (Medical Director) and Jan Jenkins, MSN, RN (Executive Director) based on their desire to offer a comprehensive approach to MS care and improve the lives of patients and families affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the San Antonio and South Texas areas.  The center was housed in the medical offices of the Neuroscience Institute of San Antonio (NISA).

Although many services were offered over the years to support those living with MS, it was determined that more could be done. With the challenges faced in growing a nonprofit organization, both Dr. Gazda and Jan continued their work in other areas to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by MS. Their passion and desire to make a difference and offer a comprehensive approach to managing MS continue on.

In 2015 the MSCST separated from NISA to become a completely independent entity. A redesigned Board of Directors, lead by Jan Jenkins, made a decision to transition the MSCST to an on-line MS resource center and social platform for the purpose of offering scientific resources, support and education through the web along with social media. With the same primary goal to improve the lives of those affected by MS, the name was changed to Your MS Compass with a mission to guide those with MS to find their unique path to managing MS. The focus was expanded to include the impact that health and lifestyle have on medical management of MS and associated symptoms. Over the years, a great deal of research has demonstrated that the comprehensive approach to managing MS has the greatest potential for success. A major goal of Your MS Compass is to bring this scientific information to the MS community in a simple yet comprehensive manner to educate those living with this disease as well as families and friends who support them.  We strive to be the premiere source of quality information that includes a step-by-step approach to making positive changes in your life to achieve success in managing your MS.


To empower you, your families and communities impacted by MS to access resources, education and support for the purpose of achieving your highest level of wellness and control over MS and symptoms.  This will be accomplished by offering resources, education and guidance based on available current scientific evidence and wellness promotion.


To be the premier source of comprehensive scientific information, education and direction for patients, families and communities impacted by MS.

Board of Directors


Janean (Jan) W. Jenkins

Vice President / Treasurer

Kathleen A. Reeves

Vice President:  Community Outreach / Social Media

Christine L. Woods

Director of Web Design and Marketing

Chase Peysen

Director of Strategic Partnerships / Secretary

Nathaniel Gomez

Member at Large

Tonni O’Brian