The 50/50 Approach is a straightforward and practical plan that combines medical management (50%) with life management strategies (50%).  When both halves are combined, you are more likely to achieve success with managing your MS, your symptoms and your quality of life.  The plan is based on the scientific principles and research currently available.


The compass is an essential tool in wilderness survival. Sometimes understanding and managing MS can feel like you are in the wilderness with all of the information coming your way. At times you may feel overwhelmed and may lose your way in dealing with MS. Your MS Compass offers insights with steps to guide you along your path so that do not loose your way on your journey to achieve success with MS.


Your MS Compass is dedicated to providing the scientific, accurate and up to date education you need to understand MS, its symptoms and how to approach life with MS. Our team will do the sifting through the available science, research, and anecdotal reports for you to offer insights on many topics related to MS. In addition, we provide scientifically supportive references to guide those who want to learn beyond the basics.


Take a moment to read the inspirational stories shared by people diagnosed with MS who learned the facts to make informed decisions about treatment and lifestyle changes to manage life with MS.  Each person included lifestyle changes that allowed them to find their unique path and achieve success in reaching their goals with managing their MS and their symptoms.